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The NBDC report confirms short-term, accelerating declines in Irish bee populations

The current status of Irish wildlife “remains precarious”, the National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC) warns following its latest evaluation of indic(...)

The Green-Veined White butterfly, now  in moderate decline in Ireland. Photograph: Dr Liam Lysaght.

Most people walking alongside the restored pond on the Castletown estate in Co Kildare would barely notice the tiny purple wildflower beneath their fe(...)

Irish winters are set to be wetter though the number of storms will decrease, say scientists. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Kevin O’Sullivan Environment & Science Editor Ireland is facing a temperature rise of at least 3 degrees this century, the National Biodiversity(...)

Ecologist Dr Tomás Murray, when asked  if the threat of ‘catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems’ was being detected in Ireland, said: ‘Sadly yes, across the 120 sites in our butterfly monitoring scheme our recorders have detected an average annual decline of 2.6 per cent over the past 10 years.’

The decline of butterflies and bumblebees in Ireland is matching a global trend, indicating insect populations are collapsing, according to the Nation(...)

The Great Yellow Bumblebee. Photograph: John Breen

In 2004, two scientists took on a mammoth task: to systematically survey every county in Ireland for bees. They figured it would take them two years, (...)

Decline of the bumblebee

There was a horrible inevitability about the latest figures on Irish bumblebee populations; confirming numbers on the island of Ireland are at their l(...)

A bumblebee feeds on nectar: To address declines in pollinating insects, an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan was launched in 2015.  Photograph: Jane Powers

Irish bumblebee populations recorded in 2017 were at the lowest since monitoring began six years ago, with marked losses in critical native species, a(...)