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Float like a Butterfly: Hazel Doupe stars as a Traveller who takes Muhammad Ali as her model

What was it John F Kennedy said about the space programme? We choose to do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard. Something(...)

Oscar season in Toronto: Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born

It was a very special edition of Toronto International Film Festival for the Irish director Carmel Winters. At the screening of Float Like a Butterfly(...)

Float like a Butterfly  features a breakout performance from young Hazel Doupe as Frances, a Traveller who, in the opening scenes, sees her mother die and her father dragged off to prison. Photograph: Tiff

Float like a Butterfly, an Irish film concerning a Traveller girl who idealises Mohammad Ali, has won a major award at the Toronto International Film (...)

The story of 110 teenage girls sent in 1848 from Skibbereen to Australia will be recalled in a bronze sculpture of 110 spoons by artist Toma McCullim.

On leaving their famine-ravaged home town, each girl received two dresses, two petticoats, five pairs of stockings, two pairs of shoes, a bible, a bow(...)