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There have been a number of courses launched by various colleges and industry bodies to provide and support education in the sector

In 2017 commercial aircraft carried 4.1 billion passengers on 37 million commercial flights. There were more than 31,000 commercial aircraft registere(...)

Hong Kong is seen as a major threat due to major Chinese banks moving in to fund leasing companies there. Photograph: iStock

The latest figures from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), published in December 2017, have forecast net profit for the industry of $(...)

A source of upward cost pressure on the airline industry is labour. Photograph: iStock
What’s ahead for aviation?

Among the key trends in the global aviation finance industry has been the eastward tilting of the axis. While Ireland remains the leading location for(...)

The growth and success of the industry here can be traced all the way back to the 1970s and the foundation of Guinness Peat Aviation  by Tony Ryan – the man who later went on to found Ryanair. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

The aircraft leasing industry has been one of this Ireland’s greatest success stories over the past four decades. We are now firmly established as the(...)