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Former UK attorney general Dominic Grieve speaking in a debate on Brexit legislation in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

British prime minister Theresa May is heading for a fresh showdown with Conservative rebels next week after they rejected a government-drafted amendme(...)

British prime minister Theresa May need not look far to find enemies arrayed against her on the Conservative backbenches. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Reuters

While Theresa May plodded through prime minister’s questions on Wednesday, many eyes were looking over her left shoulder at an MP sitting on the farth(...)

Britain’s prime minister David Cameron: part of a  ruling class enabled by the politics of bean-counting that allowed technocrats and former special advisers to shine. Photograph: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Leviathan was always the wrong metaphor. The state is not a monster with its own mind. It is, at least in a democracy, the expression of our tastes an(...)