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Dolly Parton: homespun but worldly, sexy but self-mocking, sassy but safe. Photograph: FilmMagic/Getty

When Dolly Parton was 19, instead of the frankly unbelievable 73 she is now, she and a girlfriend travelled from Tennessee to New York City. But, beca(...)

In Grease, ‘virginity is as big a stigma as an unwanted pregnancy’

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin  ★★ Grease, a musical in which teenage hormones are more revved up than any drag racing Cadillac, has existed (...)

Jimmy Osmond: “I think I’d be good in prison, because I really keep myself entertained.” Photograph: David Becker/Getty Images

The artist previously known for Long Haired Lover from Liverpool, soon to be performing in Dublin, is on stage in Cardiff. He’s in a silver suit so da(...)