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Some of the 350 teaching professionals and volunteers who attended the first ResearchEd conference to be held in Ireland at St Columba’s College in Rathfarnham.

There is a wealth of research that can help teachers improve how they work with students but academic studies aren’t always easy to access, or to tran(...)

‘We are so wedded to the smartphone we have trouble imagining life without it.’ File photograph: Getty Images

There is a scene in Todd Phillips’s Joker where . . . No, no. Come back. This is not another think piece on that film’s engagement with toxic masculi(...)

With superheroes and Star Wars to look after, Disney doesn’t make as many live-action family films as it used to. So Patrick, a perfectly agreeable ki(...)

Meeting their match: Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter in Burton and Taylor

If you didn’t see Burton and Taylor (BBC Four, Monday), look at the photo of Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter, above, as the famous Hollywood cou(...)