Tomás Ó Sé

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Michael Murphy: wherever he plays, he’s likely to be pivotal to Donegal’s hopes of beating Tyrone to book a place in the All-Ireland semi-final.  Photograph: Tommy Dickson/Inpho

The epiphany was, according to Keith Duggan on these pages, like a realisation that they had been using Jimi Hendrix as a roadie for the past couple o(...)

Tomás, Darragh and Marc Ó Sé at a Kerry training session in 2009: We were well used to the lads from the Sports Council arriving to do tests. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

If there is one thing that is very obvious from the Brendan O’Sullivan case, it’s that within the GAA, we don’t take this side of things seriously eno(...)