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Tim Jones and Dr Michelle Tierney, who co-founded SymPhysis Medical in 2018. Photograph: Keith Atkins

A build-up of fluid on the lung is one of the most distressing symptoms of advanced cancer. It affects about 50 per cent of patients and is currently (...)

Adjustable ventilator system:  treats two patients with one machine. Photograph: NUI Galway

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – the often-quoted words of former UK prime minister Winston Churchill when he worked to form the United Nations(...)

Irish star Pierce Brosnan played trainer Edward O’Grady in the 1980 film Murphy’s Stroke. Photograph: Getty Images

The beauty of the Gay Future story is no one was harmed in its making apart from bookmakers. Even they didn’t have to pay out in the end. The British (...)

In the US pressure to use split ventilators has built up in recent weeks, especially in New York state because ICUs were over-whelmed.

A team based in Galway has developed an adjustable split ventilator which can be used on two Covid-19 patients in intensive care at the one time. As (...)