Thomas Piketty

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Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton pays sharp attention

The thorny issues of taxing corporate profits and transparency over the rates being paid by large multinationals should have been included in the tr(...)

Peter Mathews:  posited the view that it was time we heard from the executives who led the banking sector to the point of collapse in late 2008.  Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

No conference on financial matters would be complete without a long-winded statement, ahem, question from Peter Mathews, the Independent TD for Dublin(...)

Prof Philip Pettit from Princeton University (left) with Minister for Education and Skills Ruairí Quinn, and Prof Brian Nolan, principal, college of human sciences, UCD, at the UCD Garret Fitzgerald summer school in UCD yesterday. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

It may seem counter-intuitive but putting more power into the hands of “unelected agents” at the expense of politicians can enhance democracy.That wa(...)

French Economist Thomas Piketty  pictured speaking at the TASC conference in Croke Park, Dublin today. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

A “progressive wealth tax” would be the ideal solution to resolving global wealth inequality, according to French economist Thomas Piketty, associate (...)

One challenge for academic economists in writing about aspects of what has been called “the dismal science” is to make their work accessible to an aud(...)

Best seller: Putting issues of inequality at the heart of economic debate, economist Thomas Piketty

Having surged to the top of best-seller lists, Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century continues to be among the most talked about econom(...)

Thomas Piketty: said it was unjust that homeowners with large mortgage debt should pay the same level of property tax as those who owned their homes outright. Photograph: Ed Alcock/the New York Times

The Government should make the property tax fairer by recasting it to take account of mortgage debt and financial assets, according to Thomas Piketty,(...)

Holiday ereading: Kindles and other devices are easy to hold on the beach, to pack and to travel with. Photograph: Eyeswideopen/Getty

The sun is out, the cream is on, the laptop is locked and a new book lies waiting. This is the stuff that summer holidays are made of, but the reality(...)

French connection: Thomas Piketty. Photograph: Ed Alcock/New York Times

Since its publication in English, in March, Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century has been hailed as the most important economics bo(...)

We love foreign capitalists but are hostile to Irish ones. Thomas Piketty would feel even more at home here than in France.

The furore unleashed by Thomas Piketty’s now infamous book has had at least one disappointing aspect: notwithstanding the mountains of data provided b(...)

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