Gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protesters set fire to garbage bins and other items in Bordeaux. Photograph: Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images

The gilets jaunes protests in France, sparked by a hike in carbon tax, “probably sent a shiver down the spine of politicos in Ireland”. That is how an(...)

A homeless man begs on Dublin’s Grafton Street. Sir Anthony Atkinson, author of Inequality: What can be done?, says the gap between rich and poor can be narrowed with policies which aren’t radical or revolutionary. Photograph: Alan Betson / THE IRISH TIMES

If Sir Anthony Atkinson is in any way bitter over the attention showered on his junior colleague Thomas Piketty, he doesn’t show it. The French(...)

Source: World Top Incomes Database (PSE/INET/CEG/ESRC)

We’ve often considered ourselves closer to Boston than to Berlin, but new research about how income and wealth are distributed in Ireland suggests (...)