Thomas Moore

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The Garden Cottage,Tinnahinch, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

The Garden Cottage, lying within a walled garden and riverbank meadow at Tinnahinch, just outside Enniskerry in Co Wicklow, was once part of the homes(...)

Raw sewage running into the Avoca river in Arklow, 2016

Generations of Irish people used to sing Thomas Moore’s The Vale of Avoca, rhapsodising nature’s bounty in shedding “o’er the scene/ Her purest of cry(...)

 Statue of Beethoven in Vienna. Although his Irish airs had their admirers, they were not a success in his lifetime, or in much of the time since.

It is one of Beethoven’s lesser claims to greatness that, alongside his symphonies, concertos, and sonatas, he also composed settings for old Irish ai(...)

Myles na gCopaleen took a dim view of the Thomas Moore statue, “the terracotta monstrosity which dishonours the name of a decent little versifier”

At least under his own by-line, Myles na gCopaleen was suspiciously quiet during the great Irish Times letters row of 1947, as discussed here last wee(...)

Myles na gCopaleen: launched his literary career with fake letters to The  Irish Times

In the “Diary” column of the London Times on Thursday, there was a finely wrought pun that, while amusing, seemed oddly familiar. It involved the curr(...)

Patrick MacDowell: he devoted himself mainly to sculpting portrait busts and what art historians refer to as “ideal subjects”

Ireland has produced some notable sculptors, one of the finest of whom was Patrick MacDowell, who died 150 years ago on December 9th. Although he work(...)

Sam Houston in The Battle of San Jacinto (detail) by the Belfast-born artist Henry Arthur McArdle

As our cargo ship was moving slowly along the canal from Galveston to Houston, Texas, we could see far ahead an immensely high obelisk. When we got ne(...)

John Thomond O’Brien: known as Don Juan O’Brien, he was an honoured veteran of the South American wars  of independence

The Isla del Sol, or Island of the Sun, on Lake Titicaca is one of the most important sites in Inca mythology. It lies almost 4,000 metres above sea(...)

Take a walk at Coucane Barra, and pass the entrance to St Finbarr’s Oratory and  the serene lake shore

Back in 2001, to protect our agriculture industry during the foot-and-mouth crisis, we were banned from visiting the hills, and Irish countryside gene(...)

JoAnn Falletta conducts the RTÉ NSO in a programme of Strauss and Respighi at the NCH on Friday November 1st

Saturday 26  PHILIP GLASS RESIDENCY National Concert Hall, Dublin (also Sunday 27)  There’s a Philip Glass marathon at the National Concert(...)

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