The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, which represents 700 US firms such as Facebook and Google,  said it was vital that Ireland attracts talent to fill the growing number of opportunities within its companies. Photograph: Eric Luke

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland has sought the removal of the “Baptism barrier” from access to schools on the basis that it would make Irelan(...)

National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin. Recent issues under discussion are the Good Friday sale of alcohol ban, the Dáil prayer, the row over the new maternity hospital and church patronage of schools. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

It’s open season. The last six weeks have witnessed open revolt against church involvement in public life. The focal issues have been the Good Friday (...)

Canvassing for a No vote in the Same-sex Marriage Referendum were  Moira Morrissey (left) and Eileen Barry  in Ballycahill, Tipperary.  Photograph: Enda O’Dowd/The Irish Times

There has not been a single viewing of a No bus crisscrossing the country. You don’t see any No or “Níl” badges adorning lapels, or swathes of enthusi(...)