Thomas Cahill

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Long Room, Trinity College Dublin. Ireland has a chequered relationship with copyright history. Throughout the 1700s, Dublin was a haven for book piracy.

The Roscommon-born writer and lawyer Arthur Murphy (1727–1805) is little remembered today, but he was a leading London barrister of his time and a suc(...)

Statue of St Columba (aka Columbanus) in Luxeuil. Photograph: iStock

There are at least two statues of St Columba (aka Columbanus) in Luxeuil, and in both he looks a bit mad. This may not have been unintended. Born in t(...)

Glendalough, Co Wicklow. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Not the least remarkable thing about St Kevin of Glendalough, if we can believe the stories, is that he lived to be 120. He died 1,400 years ago, on J(...)