Theo Van Gogh

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The Gaiety Theatre (Romeo and Juliet – The Last Act) by Jack B Yeats (€100,000 - €150,000).

Jack B Yeats’ 1927 painting The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (Romeo and Juliet – The Last Act) will feature as one of the headline lots at the forthcoming d(...)

The Dutch are statistically more likely to die from a bee sting than from a terrorist attack. Photograph: Clint Perry/PA Wire

In a world of extraordinary geopolitical upheaval, the Dutch can take some comfort, perhaps, from the fact that they are, statistically, more likely t(...)

Tributes to victims of the terrorist attack in Las Ramblas. Photograph: Andreu Dalmau/EPA

As the terrible news of the atrocity on Las Ramblas hit last week, after the initial shock and horror, my wife and I had the same thought: this is get(...)

Geert Wilders  addressing journalists as he officially launched his parliamentary election campaign in Spijkenisse last weekend. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, who is leading polls ahead of next month’s election, said on Wednesday he had cancelled all public campaign(...)

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders: is accompanied at all times by six plainclothes officers, lives in a “safe house” paid for by the state, wears a bullet-proof vest and is driven to and from work by armoured police vehicle. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty

Three weeks from the general election in the Netherlands, a police officer whose unit is responsible for the personal protection of individuals inclu(...)

Geert Wilders: The controversial Dutch politician goes walkabout in  Spijkenisse during the start of his far-right Freedom Party’s election campaign on Saturday. Photograph: EPA/Koen Van Weel

Geert Wilders, the Netherlands’ anti-Muslim, anti-EU party leader, has promised to crack down on “Moroccan scum” who he said were making the streets u(...)

Geert Wilders says if he wins the popular vote and is excluded from government it will be patently undemocratic. Photograph: Martijn Beekman /AFP/Getty Images

The most depressing thing about the controversial suggestion by Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte recently that immigrants who no longer like living in (...)

Dutch police officers search a car boot on the way to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. Photograph: Remko De Waal/AFP/Getty Images

The chaos at Schiphol Airport outside Amsterdam for the past fortnight told us much of what we need to know about the security challenges facing Europ(...)

Anjem Choudary said the Charlie Hebdo magazine had “been inciting and provoking and poking and prodding the Muslim community”. Photograph: Tal Cohen/Reuters

Ireland is a legitimate target for attack because of its decision to allow American planes refuel at Shannon Airport on their way to bombing Muslim co(...)

Detail from Sunset at Montmajour by Vincent Van Gogh. Photograph: Van Gogh Museum

A long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting, the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928, has been identified by the Dutch Van Gogh(...)