Theo Lynn

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‘Ireland plays an important role in the provisioning of cloud services through the various multinationals that host in or base their data centres in Ireland.’ Photograph: iStock

Forget about the Internet of Things; researchers at Dublin City University are working on a €4.6 million project that will help support the Internet o(...)

Theo Lynn and Philip Healy of Cork-based company Rendicity: launched their image-rendering service in August

It took 29 hours per frame to turn the Sully character from Monsters University into the image viewers saw of him on screen. This process of convertin(...)

Digital marketing: There are fundamental differences between traditional and digital marketing that executives may find counter-intuitive, says Ian Dodson, founder of the Digital Marketing Institute

Research repeatedly shows Irish businesses to be laggards when it comes to e-commerce while clunky websites and ill-judged social media campaigns sugg(...)

Samuel Clay from NewsBlur

Google Reader’s split from its loyal user base has been a tad messy. It’s not you, it’s us, Google implored. “We’re living in a new kind of com(...)