Theo Albrecht

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Popcorn has been linked to ailments including cancer, heart disease and bronchiolitis.

In the second part of our – incredibly random – series of Ask Us Anything we will attempt to answer some of the consumer questions that may have been (...)

 A computer-generated image  showing an Aldi store on the ground floor of a residential building which will be built in Berlin, Germany. Image: Aldi Nord/EPA

If you thought the scramble for the Aldi chainsaws was a sight, wait until they launch their latest special offer. The German discounter has announce(...)

Babette Albrecht: claims her late husband Berthold was a “serious alcoholic” who was not contractually capable when he changed his will in 2010. Photograph: Gisela Schober/Getty

For decades, discretion has been as much a part of Aldi’s DNA as its discount prices. No more. A vicious feud for control of the family-owned German (...)

 A sign marks the location of a branch of German discount supermarket chain Aldi. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The German supermarket chain Aldi revels in austerity, with stores reminiscent of fluorescent-lit bunkers, shelves packed with €1 cans of sliced pork (...)

Aldi-Süd has been consistently quicker to innovate and move with the times than Aldi-Nord. Photograph: Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

Babette Albrecht strode into Essen regional court wearing a white ruffled blouse, a navy jacket and a toothy smile. Sunglasses poking out of her curly(...)

In 1960 Karl and Theo Albrecht drew the “Aldi equator” horizontally across the map of Germany. Everything north of the Ruhr went to Theo – Aldi Nord – while the south went to Karl’s Aldi Süd, the company that later expanded to Ireland. Photograph: Getty

Shortly before he died last week aged 94, Karl Albrecht did something he hadn’t done in 61 years: he gave an interview. The co-founder of the Aldi (...)