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Older individuals and couples want an active sex life. They want their sexual experiences to be as good as they can be. Photograph: iStock

GPs should be more invested in supporting people continue an active sex life in older age, according to recent research by Trinity College Dublin. Des(...)

The Ashley Madison website that allowed married members to share their secret sexual fantasies. Photograph: Getty Images

“Life is short. Have an affair.” The motto of the Ashley Madison website that allowed married members to share their secret sexual fantasies – and (...)

If you or your partner use a phone, a tablet or a laptop in bed, how does it affect your sex life? The answer is surprising. Only three out of (...)

Body confidence: women grow happier with their bodies as they get older, with 59 per cent of women aged 50-64 feeling happy. Photograph: Getty Images

Men are happier with their body image than women are, and the older men get the more pleased with themselves they are, according to our survey. Sev(...)

Dating in Ireland these days is about “hooking up” online; more often for men and bisexual women than for heterosexual women. Nearly one in fou(...)

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Q I am male, now in my 60 s, and have been separated for many years. The chief marital problems that developed had little to do with sex, but natur(...)

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Q I look after myself and never expe cted at my age (late 40s) to be “on the shelf”, emotionally speaking. I’m married but my husband is really ju(...)

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Q I have split up with my fiance. It was a whirlwind romance: we met at a party , within weeks we were dating, and a year and a half later we were (...)

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Q After 14 years of marriage, we’re in our late 30s with three young children. Over the last seven years, since we had our first child, we have had(...)

Anxiety over performance can be a problem for both sexes. Photograph: Getty Images

It used to take nerve and ingenuity to accumulate a stash of pornographic materials; now porn is everywhere, only a click away on many mobile phone(...)

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