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Taoiseach Micheál Martin said he understands ‘how difficult the last eight months have been in all our lives and how much you have missed out on’. Photograph: iStock

Some children with disabilities or learning difficulties did not have the support they needed over recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Omb(...)

Irish couple Mark Pollock and Simone George speaking at Ted 2018 in Vancouver. Photograph: Ryan Lash/TED

A Ted Talk by an Irish couple – explorer Mark Pollock and human rights lawyer Simone George – about using acceptance and hope to deal with grief, from(...)

Harvesting the crop on Rathlin Island.

Once regarded merely as the stinking gunge one steps over on the way for a swim, seaweed these days is having a renaissance. The excitement surroundi(...)

The capricious weather may be playing havoc with our moods, but at least there’s one constant that keeps us feeling good during an Irish summer: pe(...)

Universal Design for Learning improves teaching practice by using all methods, including technology such as ebooks, Moodle for notes and Livescribe pens for recording notes

As the dropout rate for third-level creeps higher, we might solve the problem by applying the lessons of architecture and good design. Good des(...)

“If I ask you up front would you like to buy this [game] you would say no. But at the moment of slight arousal and interest your behaviour changes. You are invested,” says econimist Dan Ariely, who was in Dublin this week to address the StartupOnomics summit.

In the 1950s General Mills ran into problems selling its Betty Crocker instant cake mix. Nobody wanted it. The cake tasted good but the “just add wate(...)

“He’s a boy action hero,” says Dan Spencer, with a “go-getting attitude to saving the day”. The boy in question – Bobby Dazzler – is the star o(...)

Briefs encounter: the Australian troupe is back with The Second Coming

Each preview includes a code. Here’s what they mean:BYM: Bring your mumBYD: Bring your dadEB: Early bird – starts before 8pmL: On at lunchtimeS&S:(...)

Professor John Crown: lack of thoughtfulness is the single greatest menace. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Is the lack of evidence-based thinking the greatest problem afflicting the modern world? According to senator and professor John Crown, it’s the singl(...)