Taye Diggs

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Muppets: some have no Earthly analogues; some resemble the four main Earth species: bear, human, frog and pig

It’s been so long since there’s been an actual Muppet Show on television I’d forgotten it wasn’t just a descriptive term for our parliamentary democra(...)


November 13th: Attack on Paris Netflix, June 1st From the award winning 9/11 directors Jules and Gédéon Naudet comes a powerful documentary chroniclin(...)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

The overture is not hopeful. Horses, horses, horses, as Patti Smith almost had it: pink, shining, with their noses definitely not aflame, because, of (...)

The Best Man Holiday

Hey there. Have you been wasting your valuable time and hard-earned cash watching movies from genres as varied as sports action, dying young drama, Ch(...)

Baggage Claim
Baggage Claim

“You crazy? I am not going to work on a skateboard! No way.” Cut to same actor teetering insecurely down the high street on, yes, a skateboard. There (...)