Waterford Rose Kirsten Mate Maher has been crowned the 2018 Rose of Tralee. The 21-year-old student and part-time model from Waterford is the third m(...)

Current  Rose of Tralee Maggie McEldowney  said  the competition is “about celebrating women, not bringing each other down”.  File photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

If every single entrant in the Rose of Tralee finals “got up there with their own political [views] it would be a mud slinging contest and that is not(...)

Newly crowned Rose of Tralee Maggie McEldowney, the Chicago Rose, in the rose garden at Tralee Town Park, Tralee, Co Kerry. Photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

The 2016 Rose of Tralee Maggie McEldowney has said the festival is apolitical and not the place to air political views. Ms McEldowney (27), the Chic(...)

Sydney Rose Brianna Parkins wrote in The Irish Times at the weekend that the Rose of Tralee is like a “Kate Middleton impersonation competition”. Photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

RTÉ says it regrets its documentary on the Rose of Tralee International Festival caused upset to some contestants and will review the process for next(...)

Down Rose Fainche McCormack.

Down Rose Fainche McCormack has said she and the other Roses were “treated like animals in a circus” in the selection process for the live final of th(...)

Sydney Rose Brianna Parkins: called for the repeal of the Eighth amendment to the Constitution on abortion.

Rose of Tralee chief executive Anthony O’Gara has said he disagrees with the stance taken by the chair of the judging panel that there is no place for(...)

North Carolina Rose Maigan Kennedy onstage in the Festival Dome for the Rose of Tralee. She also gleefully recounted her first, and apparently “cool”, trip to Mass. Photograph:  Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

Day two of the 57th Rose of Tralee final, and the pale moon was rising once again over the last 100,000 contestants as they prepared to sashay across (...)

Rose of Tralee 2016: Chicago Rose Maggie McEldowney onstage in the Festival Dome, Tralee  on Tuesday night. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

The Chicago Rose Maggie McEldowney was crowned the Rose of Tralee 2016 on Tuesday night. The 27-year-old Chicago native works as director of develo(...)