Covid-19 has had a disproportionate impact on Irish nursing home residents. Photograph: iStock

On Saturday last, I cycled past a nursing home where I had spent much time several years ago. The nursing home had been randomly selected for a resear(...)

Good nursing home care is not cheap. The environment needs to be small-scale, homely and fit-for-purpose. Photograph: Regis Duvignau

The inequities in State payments to Irish nursing homes have once again come to the fore, following the release last week of the report titled: A Revi(...)

Use of large-scale generic nursing homes will ‘undoubtedly have a deleterious impact’ on people with dementia during a pandemic. Photograph:

Up to 250 people with dementia may have died in residential care homes during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new study which calls for a review(...)

“That all four grandparents had dementia mattered not a whit to us as children.”

As a child I was fortunate to experience a wide range of older people. That all four grandparents had dementia mattered not a whit to us as children. (...)

 Gerard Finn, who died from Alzheimer’s disease after spending many years in a nursing home, with his daughters Sharon and Lourda, who is holding her son Fionn, in October 2006. Photograph copied by Liam Burke/Press 22.

‘It’s easier to dope up a patient like he doesn’t exist’ Something was happening to Lourda Finn’s father. A few months after being admitted into a nu(...)

Up to one-in-three residents in some Irish nursing homes are being administered psychotropic medication, based on previously unreleased pharmacy records and new research. Photograph: The Irish Times

Thousands of older people in nursing homes are being administered powerful sedatives to subdue challenging behaviour. Most of these psychotropi(...)