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Starting school in pandemic times is different to the pre-Covid era. But while much has changed, lots of things have stayed the same.

From starting primary to mobile phones, lunchbox wars, sleep and parents’ WhatsApp groups, Jen Hogan has advice and tips for every stage of school (...)

Evidence shows social media has resulted in an increase in body dissatisfaction, poor body image and disordered eating. Photograph: iStock

Very often what we see online enhances a belief that we should do things a certain way and live our lives to an accepted standard. We scroll through t(...)

Children aged two to 18 should be doing 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. Photograph: iStock

As children approach their teen years, socioeconomic differences in their health begin to take hold and become “entrenched at 13”, Dr Cathal McCrory, (...)

Fat chance. The reason so many of us fluctuate with our weight, or struggle to lose weight, is because diet programmes do not look deeper into the whys of our eating habits and weight gain

Obesity is recognised as a major public health issue with Ireland having the highest rate of obesity in Europe. One in four Irish adults are obese wit(...)

The number of stay at-home-dads has been on the rise in recent years and yet our perception of men as the primary carer is a little further behind the times.

Choosing to become a stay-at-home parent comes with a mountain of variables, questions, attitudes and worries. These thoughts are a natural transgress(...)

Gabrielle Mongan (13), Whitechurch Boxing Club, represented Ireland in the 2019 European Schoolboy/girls Championships in  Georgia. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The success and excitement of the recent Fifa Women’s World Cup proved, if ever it was in doubt, that football is not just for boys and men. But thoug(...)

Research suggesting a sensitive and supportive father will raise children with better social skills.

Research, testing the stress and immune biomarkers in children and their mothers who suffer from depression, has highlighted maternal depression as an(...)

Jelly baby confectionary sweets in a row. One is red the others are yellow. The background is white. Individuality or discrimination concept.

Sitting in a room with 250 other women, all of whom are embarking on careers, businesses and developing ideas they’re so eagerly passionate about shou(...)

Geraldine and Allegra Walsh: “Come mid-afternoon, after school, the kids have hit the proverbial wall. They’re tired, exhausted even.”

If someone could please tell me where the kill switch is on my kid’s moods, that would be great. It would make Monday to Friday afternoons that little(...)

Generation Z have developed a fear of living offline having been bombarded from online worlds all their lives.

Generation Z – those born after 1995 – have been born into a divisive world with a strong external presence weighing them down. While Millennials (19(...)