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Minister for Health  Simon Harris  is expected to propose a new process to deal with the two-tier pay issue at the IMO conference on Saturday. File image: Michelle Devane/PA Wire

Hospital consultants and non-consultant hospital doctors will jointly ballot for industrial action if the Government does not move to end the two-tier(...)

A deal with GPs on new services and working arrangements is key to the Government’s overall healthcare reforms

Talks between the Government and doctors’ representatives on a new contract for general practitioners are to re-commence on Wednesday. A deal with G(...)

The Irish Medical Organisation  said the country’s hospitals were effectively running an emergency service only on a year-round basis, with elective procedures now down to a trickle.  Photograph: Getty images

As the hospital overcrowding crisis reached new record levels on Wednesday, Minister for Health Simon Harris said lessons learned in centres that were(...)

The three unions said there were currently 400 hospital consultant posts vacant and there were still 3,200 fewer nurses and midwives in place than there were in 2008.  Photograph: iStock

Doctors, nurses and midwives are to seek special pay incentives as part of the forthcoming talks on a new public service agreement to tackle staff rec(...)

Minister of State for Primary Care
 Alex White: a letter from the IMO says proposed contract for treating under-sixes incorporates a process similar to the Fempi

Doctors are threatening a constitutional challenge to the Government’s pla(...)

Alex White: Mr White was heckled as he spoke in Clonmel on Saturday about the draft contract for GPs but said he would engage with GPs before any policies are finalised. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

CONOR KANE The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has again warned the Government of potential legal action if it doe(...)