Taliban fighters and civilians at Qargha Lake, near Kabul, Afghanistan, this week. Photograph: Jim Huylebroek/New York Times)

The US has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to a desperately poor Afghanistan on the brink of an economic disaster, while refusing to give political(...)

 Taliban Fateh fighters, a “special forces” unit, stand guard along a street in Kabul  as suicide bomb threats hung over the final phase of the US military’s airlift operation from Kabul. Photograph: Aamir Quresh/AFP/via Getty Images

When Taliban troops seized control of the Afghan capital two weeks ago, the invading units made a beeline for two critical targets: the headquarters (...)

 People attempt to get access to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Monday night amid ongoing chaos at the airport as thousands try to flee Taliban rule. Photograph: EPA

The likelihood of the US extending the emergency evacuation from Afghanistan beyond August 31st has receded as the Taliban warned that any delay of th(...)

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. Photograph: Hoshang Hashimi/AFP via Getty

Since taking power again in Afghanistan, the Taliban have projected the notion that the movement has become more moderate since it imposed repressive (...)

Taliban fighters  in Kabul on Monday. Photograph: EPA

The Taliban have pledged to create an open and inclusive government after their fighters took control of Kabul, but most observers fear little has cha(...)

Afghan security officials parade a group of suspected militants allegedly accused of planning attacks on government and security forces after their arrest, in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on Tuesday. Photograph: Ghulamullah Habibi/EPA

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has signed a decree to release 1,500 Taliban prisoners as a move to launch direct talks between the Afghan government an(...)

Afghan security forces investigate the site where a Taliban car bomb detonated near an intelligence services building in Qalat in Zabul province. (Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

A powerful early morning suicide truck bomb has devastated a hospital in southern Afghanistan, killing as many as 20 people and wounding more than 90 (...)