The first thing in raising a son is to decide what kind of man you want to make.

Can you remember that moment? Holding your baby son in your arms for the first time? As you gazed down at his soft little face, I bet you hoped with a(...)

Social media doesn’t help reduce stress in girls, and needs to be kept in bounds because it’s often a cruel place

Leaving Cert stress, peer pressure, snapchat and fidget spinners – Irish young people are bombarded with stressors that make us wish for The Waltons’ (...)

The movement babies experience by lying on the floor, waving their arms and legs in the air, is essential to their development. Photograph: Thinkstock

It’s endearing the way newborn babies fling their arms out when somebody closes a door too loudly, in what is known as the “startle” reflex. And the (...)

“Eight-year-olds worry about their weight, and 13-year-olds worry about whether they are ‘hot’ enough,” says author  Steve Biddulph. Photograph: Thinkstock

‘Fourteen is the new 18,” is what parenting educator and author Steve Biddulph hears all the time from mothers talking about their daughters. “(...)