Stephens Day

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 Women’s Aid said it received up to 2,000 calls per month, which includes women seeking domestic violence refuges, one-to-one support or court accompaniment services. Photograph: iStock

Women will do “everything” to minimise emotional and physical violence they experience around Christmas time for the sake of their children, according(...)

Christmas Ham fritters. Photograph: Deborah Ryan

As a family, it’s not Christmas dinner that we look forward to as such, it’s these ham fritters that my dad makes on St Stephen’s Day. Really, Christ(...)

 Mary, Mel and Sue’s Big Christmas Thank You air on BBC1 on Christmas Eve.  Photograph: Emilie Sandy/BBC

I have previewed next week’s television so you can forgo binge watching and instead spend time talking to your family, who love you, apparently. ‘Mar(...)

Kaph founder Christopher Keegan, outside his cafe on Drury Street, Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Kaph, on Drury Street, is hard to miss if you’ve got coffee on your mind. Even if you haven’t. On a recent wintry afternoon it had an especially cheer(...)

 Rory O’Neill (Ms Panti Bliss) being interviewed at the launch of “KnowNow”, a national free rapid HIV testing programme. His bar  is offering free HIV tests to patrons. Photograph: Eric Luke

The attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando has devastated the LGBT community in the US and abroad. It also directly targeted the idea of gay clubs b(...)