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In Ireland, to admit that your child won’t be making their communion is like saying you’ve signed them up as a junior member of a political party. Photograph: Getty Images

Some parenting confessions. I choose what my children eat and when they go to bed. I choose for them not to interact with people they don’t know on th(...)

TDs Ruth Coppinger and Mick Barry hold signs saying “Separate church and state” during Dáil prayers. Photograph: RTÉ/Oireachtas TV

Ireland urgently needs to separate church and State, to protect equally everyone’s right to freedom of religion or belief. The recent census showed t(...)

Richard Dawkins:  confident the Irish people would vote to overturn the blasphemy law if there was a referendum on the issue. Photograph: Don Arnold/Getty Images

Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist and author, has said he would be willing to make himself a test case to challenge the law on blasphemy, wh(...)

Cue the national self-flagellation. “Mortified,” we were. Was ‘Father Ted’ really a comedy or a documentary?

Dispatches from Ireland, a peculiar rain-drenched outcrop at the edge of civilised Europe, indicate that John Charles McQuaid himself has returned fro(...)

February 2015, in an interview with Gay Byrne on the RTE show The Meaning of Life, the British comedian Stephen Fry engaged on a range of questions before famously addressing the knotty theological problem of theodicy. Photograph: RTÉ

In February 2015, in an interview with Gay Byrne on the RTÉ show The Meaning of Life, the British comedian Stephen Fry engaged on a range of questions(...)

Gardaí investigation and accusation of Blasphemy against Stephen Fry and decided not to take any action.

New Zealand plans to scrap the crime of blasphemy following calls for reform in response to a Garda investigation into British actor and comedian Step(...)

Had the Garda decided to prosecute actor Stephen Fry for blasphemy – and in truth no-one believes there was really any prospect that they would do so (...)

Sinn Féin president Gerry  Adams said blasphemy should have no place in the Constitution. He said the programme for government committed to holding a number of referendums, including one on the offence of blasphemy. File photograph: Getty Images

Holding a referendum on blasphemy is more complex than originally thought, according to Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who said there are a number of proposed (...)

File image of former archbishop John Charles McQuaid.

As if.  These four letters should be embroidered on the Irish flag. Since its foundation, the State has always behaved as if. As if the revival (...)

Gay Byrne and Stephen Fry. Photograph: RTÉ

A reported decision by gardaí not to prosecute Stephen Fry for blasphemy is “even more dangerous than a prosecution would have been”, Atheist Ireland (...)

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