Design guru and car enthusiast Stephen Bayley argues electric cars are    functionally useless.

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Small, slow and apparently fragile, the 2CV nonetheless stands up  well to modern-day traffic conditions.

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A Roman Marble Torso of Pan made in the 2nd century AD.

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Greenpeace activists demonstrate at the entrance to the Volkswagen  plant in Wolfsburg, central Germany, in November. Photograph: Peter Steffen/AFP/Getty Images

When the world’s second biggest car maker suffers, as it admits itself, the worst tribulations of its 78-year history, then you know that something bi(...)

Art or kitsch?: Jeff Koons’s Hanging Heart in magenta and gold. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

Here’s a confession: I have a set of white coffee cups with gold rims and friezes of shamrock. I got them in Killarney, and I love them. But I (...)