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Sonya Lennon: “Money is only important to me for the security it gives to my family and me.”

Are you a saver or a spender? My dad worked in the bank, so the rule when I was growing up was always spend 50 per cent and save 50 per cent. For som(...)

Block colours. Beautiful cuts. Classic yet cool. Clothes it’s clear a warehouse full of thought had gone into. Clothes for Every Woman, everywhere my eyes landed.

I spent the guts of an hour talking about Tiger, the discerning person’s pound shop, with a group of women recently. It was one of those meandering(...)

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. The day aims to raise gender equality awareness and celebrate women’s achievements. Historically, women have(...)

Second Avenue in Sandymount, Dublin 4:  Owner Aisling Walsh runs an appointment-only business with a strong focus on customer service
Shoptalk: consignment stores

You’re about to be invited into the resurgent subculture of consignment stores. A consignment store does two things. Firstly, it sells your designer c(...)

Half way through the Best Shops campaign and we’ve been inundated with 10,985 nominations for more than 1,350 shops throughout the 32 counties. Hardwa(...)

Stylists Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon at the launch of the fashion app. Photograph: Dave Meehan

A new development in online shopping for clothes which allows customers to upload a description of what they want and have the retailer search it o(...)

The room, laid out with sofas and stools, was full. Some 180 entrepreneurs crowded into the upstairs part of 4 Dame Lane. Asked at registration who(...)

The Opportunities Overseas Expo returns to Dublin this Wednesday, with more than 1,000 jobs up for grabs in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. (...)

Liam Ryan of GetHealth. Photograph: Dave Meehan

An international panel of media and advertising leaders from the Financial Times, the Boston Globe, Contagious, and WAZ NewMedia (one of the largest m(...)

Prowlster is the creation of the three McGinn sisters, Grace (22) , Jennie (29) and Sarah (27). Photograph: Anthony Woods

The Irish Times FUSION programme is well underway and the initial 20 start-ups have been whittled down to a final 10. FUSION is an experimental ini(...)

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