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Virgie Tovar at a pool party in Palm Springs, California. Photograph: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

As a 115kg (18st) woman who refuses to diet, unapologetically wears short shorts and eats tiramisu, I have experienced and witnessed a lot of fatphobi(...)

“Jokes are a very powerful way of getting an idea to travel around a world very quickly,” says Deborah Frances-White

“Sometimes comedians make jokes that marginalise people and people say ‘oh, that doesn’t make me feel good’, and they’ll say ‘oh, the PC brigade, ugh’(...)

Esther O’Moore-Donohue: “It can feel like we’re constantly being monitored and observed and checked and having to check ourselves. ‘Eeek. I’m too young to have this power!’ ‘Oh no! Now I’m getting too old and my powers are fading’ and/or ‘I couldn’t be arsed either way’.”

I’ve recently had the privilege of working on I Call Myself a Feminist, a new book of essays from 25 women under 30 who share their responses to that (...)