As a contractor, you can move between companies more easily, and thus work on a greater variety of projects. Photograph: iStock

It’s a modern revolution; instead of getting a full-time job, an increasingly large number of people are working as contractors. Organisations as dive(...)

Fenero chief executive Sinéad Doherty: “I don’t haggle for the sake of it, especially if I know something is already a fair price.” Photograph: Roger Kenny

Are you a saver or a spender? First and foremost I’m a saver. I do splash out, too, but I wouldn’t enjoy the extravagances if I didn’t feel I had secu(...)

There was good news for the self-employed in this month’s Budget; but maybe not as good as some had hoped. Yes, efforts were made to reach the goal(...)

Studies have shown that overweight workers are usually less productive, more likely to get injured and usually need longer rest breaks than other staff
Fat is a workplace issue
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  • March 6, 2015, 01:30

Obesity doesn’t just affect individuals. It hurts companies too. A number of studies have shown that overweight workers are less productive, more l(...)

While some landlords may just be coming to terms with settling a sizeable tax bill as a result of having never paid the Non Principal Private Residenc(...)