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Tralee Town park run  in Co Kerry. Young and not so young from around the area participate in the weekly 2km junior park run which starts at 9.30am on a Sunday. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

We’re halfway through January, so how are those new year resolutions going? Some 80 per cent of turn-of-the-year pledges will have been broken by the (...)

Nurse Mary Joe Guilfoyle with Aisling. Photograph: Colm Mahady/Fennells

The little girl with an incurable neurological condition had become too big for her cot at home and she was entitled to an electric care bed from the (...)

Mourners at the funeral of Eileen Battersby in Drogheda at St Peter’s Church, Drogheda, Co Louth.  Photograph: Donall Farmer

Literary critic, author and journalist Eileen Battersby was a “brilliant”, “beguiling”, “beautiful”, “courageous”, “dynamic” romantic who lived by her(...)

Give your child or children all your attention for 10-20 minutes after you step in the door – doing with them something they choose to do, be it getting down together on the floor to play a game, or with a favourite toy. Photograph: iStock

It’s a dangerous time of day for family harmony: that time when everyone reconvenes in the evening after a tiring day at work, school or creche. Betw(...)

“Drinking is not a bad thing necessarily, it’s about how you drink and what you drink. If you do it sensibly, that’s a good message for young people to see and that is more likely to lead to a healthy relationship with alcohol for your children” Photograph: iStock

It’s an inconvenient truth that children take much more notice of what we do rather than what we say, which can make all-age entertaining at home over(...)

Dr Matt Widdowson, at home with his children Aoife and Eoin, in Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The overwhelming concern of most new parents after they get home from the maternity hospital is will they be able to keep their tiny infant alive. Fro(...)

Tomas and Marie McKeon do their best to keep their children – Bronagh (4), Feilim (2), Tomas (6), and Clodagh (8) – eating healthily. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

“Mum, nobody wants to come on a playdate here because you’re too healthy.” Even as a passionate believer in encouraging children to love healthy food,(...)

The transition from one-child family to two-child family is a very big deal indeed – for the parents and, particularly, the toddler who arrived first. Photograph: iStock

The world as he knew it was about to end for my first child and he was blissfully unaware life would never be the same again. It was enough to reduce (...)

  Parents owe it to both their children and themselves to avoid becoming psychological and physical wrecks at a time when everybody has to adjust to the new family circumstances. Photograph: iStock

Separating couples are rightly told to put their children first and to do all they can to minimise the negative impact the relationship breakdown will(...)

Emma Kinsella: After the birth of her son, ‘things just spiralled out of control very, very quickly’. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

Emma Kinsella didn’t think she really had a drinking problem in her 20s and, being able to stop as soon as she found out she was pregnant, convinced h(...)

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