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Anne O'Neill: I was 50 on my last birthday. Photograph: Ciara O'Donnell

Last summer I had my 50th birthday. Fifty, which Victor Hugo called the youth of old age and is, according to George Orwell, the age at which everyone(...)

Joan Didion: understands that, often, the only way to tell the truth is to be frank about the ways in which you are ill-equipped to do so.   Photograph: Neville Elder/Corbis Sygma

Eight or 10 years ago, I started to hear interesting reports from people I know who teach writing. Students, these writers told me, were expressing an(...)

Rachel B Glaser: she brings a scalpel to her story of creative women looking to find their feet in modern America

Getting new fiction off to a new year is a cracking debut novel from a talented young American writer. Rachel B Glaser’s Paulina and Fran is an astut(...)

Miranda July: ‘I worked in peepshow . . . It’s not totally removed from the part of me that does all these projects with strangers and stuff.’ Photograph: Didier Messens/Wire Image

Talking to Miranda July will make you feel you’ve spent most of your life idly staring out the window. She is an award-winning film-maker and autho(...)

The editors of Women in Clothes, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton and Sheila Heti. Photograph: Gus Powell

There are fashion books and there are style books, and then there is Women in Clothes, a dense, diverse tome from Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and L(...)

Now in its 28th year, Galway’s Cúirt International Festival of Literature is one of the best arts festivals in Ireland. As well as an array of chil(...)