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  A group of teenagers setting off from Dún Laoghaire for a week of sail training on board the Spirit of Oysterhaven. Pictured  are Ciara Beatley; Kim Murphy; Alex Quinn; Dikhsha Ramsurn; Joan Osayande; Christina Byrne; Tina Thom; Balikis Falade and Guarav Ramsurn. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Like most young people, Samantha Ncube is obsessed with her mobile phone. She tweets, uses WhatsApp and texts throughout the day, and before this sum(...)

A migrant looks on as the migrant camp the “Jungle” is dismantled in Calais.  French authorities have asked the UK to take immediately several children who applied in Calais for asylum. Photograph: Thibault Vandermersch

Citizens UK, a lawyers’ group that has volunteered to facilitate the reunification of refugees with family members in the UK, has registered 450 unacc(...)