Sharon Cleere

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Who killed Brian McGonigle?: Jane McGrath as Garda Sharon Cleere in Red Rock

Okay, we’ve got seven suspects for the murder of Brian McGonigle. All have a motive and the means to kill television’s most corrupt copper. But who ac(...)

Villainous matriarch Patricia Hennessy (Cathy Belton) and daughter Claire  (Pandora McCormick) from TV3’s soap opera ‘Red Rock’.

Soap operas are a team game, but when it comes to TV3’s new soap opera Red Rock, a special shout-out must go to the wardrobe person responsible for ca(...)

Actors India Mullen and Adam Weafer from ‘Red Rock’, TV3’s brand new twice-weekly drama

A bloody body on the pier and a rather attractive sergeant on his way to investigate; a young couple snogging in the pub, taking breathers only to hin(...)