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In a time of plague, it makes sense to me that Ant and Dec would hole up with a pile of celebrities in an old medieval castle waiting it all out. Photograph: ITV

In a time of plague, it makes sense to me that Ant and Dec would hole up with a pile of celebrities in an old medieval castle waiting it all out. In T(...)

‘Young and Promising’: light relief after such  overwrought twentysomething dramas as ‘Girls’ and ‘Fleabag’

Sometimes, Walter Presents can be a bit like the Eurovision of dead women. The foreign drama arm of Channel 4’s on-demand website offers up hundreds o(...)

Julia Stiles, ‘a fascinatingly flat actor’, as Georgina Clios in Riviera

Even the extravagant playgrounds of the world’s mega rich are not so well guarded that – with enough wicked intent – someone cannot sneak in and leave(...)

Susan Ateh as Bernie with Fionnuala Flanagan as   Agnes, ‘who alters between being casually disparaging or stridently demonic’. Photograph:  Patrick Redmond/BBC

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in to Redwater (RTÉ One, Sunday, 9.30pm), the EastEnders spin-off set in an Irish seaside town, along co(...)

Dermott (Oisin Stack), possessor of the ‘maddest stare on TV’and Alfie (Shane Richie) in ‘Redwater’. Photograph: Patrick Redmond

Mother issues, religious hokum, secrets, grudges, stunning seascapes and occasionally wooden dialogue returned to Irish TV screens last night for the (...)

Shot in muted hues and pale light which make its real location, Dunmore East, look especially serene it is hard to decide whether Redwater is a silly show redeemed by its seriousness, or a serious show alleviated by its silliness

It’s an unusual place, this Redwater (RTÉ, Sunday, 9.30pm), a small Irish seaside town festering with secrets, which still comes together to celebrate(...)

The cast of Redwater, which was filmed in Wicklow, includes Fionnula Flanagan and Ian McElhinney

As we drive to the Redwater set, somewhere between Arklow and Wicklow town, there’s an eerie atmosphere. The team behind the EastEnders spin-off show (...)

Lively crew: Dublin divorce lawyers, including  Amy Huberman (right), in Striking Out

Search Party When four twentysomething friends in Brooklyn learn about the disappearance of a girl they only vaguely recall from college, they do wha(...)

BBC One’s ‘Redwater’ tells the story of Kat and Alfie Moon, played by Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie. Photograph: BBC/Patrick Redmond/PA Wire

Tourism Ireland is planning to capitalise on an EastEnders spin-off that was filmed in Ireland. Redwater, which centres on Albert Square favourites (...)

Shane Richie and Jessica Wallace in rehearsals for The Perfect Murder. Photograph: Darren Bell

As Kat and Alfie in EastEnders, Shane Richie and Jessica Wallace have played out some far-fetched storylines, but one plot they still struggle with i(...)

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