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Newstalk Breakfast presenters Ciara Kelly and Shane Coleman regularly bicker over the sujet du jour

The easing of the Omicron wave might spell good news for most of us, but it’s in danger of causing bad blood between Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly. A (...)

RTÉ Radio 1 remained the biggest player in the national market, bolstered by marquee names and brand recognition. Photograph: Conor McCabe.

RTÉ Radio 1’s new guard found their voice amidst fiscal crisis, while Newstalk kept its scrappy approach under new ownership After the tumult, t(...)

Ryan Tubridy’s Radio 1 audience of 359,000 makes his the second highest on weekdays and third overall. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Ryan Tubridy’s show on RTÉ Radio 1 is now the second most listened-to radio weekday programme in the Irish market, while Newstalk’s Pat Kenny and Toda(...)

From the off, Ciara Kelly pushes Tony Holohan on his long-standing resistance to antigen tests. Photograph: Newstalk

As December beckons, so boys and girls of all ages inevitably start wondering what Christmas might bring. Sure enough, right on cue, a white-haired ma(...)

Pat Kenny. ‘If you dress sloppily, your thinking might be a bit sloppy too,’ suggests the neatly-attired host, with a logic that implicitly bigs up his own intellectual rigour. Photograph: Frank Miller

A broadcaster with a tendency to show off how much he knows, Pat Kenny  sometimes comes across as too clever for his own good. Still, it’s a bit (...)

Presenter Shane Coleman: The presence of Nigel Farage is the flipside to Newstalk Breakfast’s energetic, sleeves-up approach. Photograph: Newstalk

The Delta variant may yet have other ideas, but if the week’s radio is anything to go by, blanket coverage of the pandemic seems to be gradually givin(...)

Drivetime presenter Cormac Ó hEadhra met his match in imperturbable European Commission spokesman Stefan de Keersmaecker. Photograph: RTE

Cormac Ó hEadhra, it’s probably fair to say, isn’t one of nature’s diplomats. Faced with guests whom he deems insufficiently forthright, he his instin(...)

Gordon Elliott: the story of the trainer sitting atop a deceased racehorse makes all the running. Photograph: PA Wire

In a busy news week of financial shenanigans and unravelling civic obedience, one story in particular makes the running – if that’s the right phrase t(...)

The Hard Shoulder: Kieran Cuddihy’s show can sound unsure whether it’s heavy-hitting news or a broad magazine

It’s Groundhog Day, so listeners are told by Kieran Cuddihy on Tuesday’s edition of The Hard Shoulder (Newstalk, weekdays). It’s Groundhog Day, so lis(...)

Ciara Kelly’s medical background combines with her confidence as a broadcaster to good effect. Photograph: Tom Honan

Not so long ago, celebrating Christmas in January was solely the province of those working for cheapskate companies allergic to shelling out for festi(...)

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