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M.M. O’Shaughnessy: presided over a series of  epic infrastructural projects

In the 2008 “stoner” comedy, Pineapple Express – the title referred to a new, supposedly powerful strain of marijuana – there occurs a typically out-o(...)

Bruce Schneier, chief security officer at Resilient Bruce Schneier, chief security officer at security company Resilient, says the Sony attack, believed to be carried out by North Korea, exposed many of the major risks related to hacking.

Last year’s massive cyberattack on Sony – presumed to have been a nation state attack orchestrated by North Korea – presents many of the most pressing(...)

Sony Entertainment’s  Michael Lynton: insisted  it had “not caved” to hackers who crippled the company. Photograph: Patrick T Fallon/Bloomberg

Sony Pictures still wants and intends to release its controversial film The Interview, possibly via YouTube. As US president Barack Obama again expre(...)