‘Urban Cowboys’ scheme at Corpus Christi, Moyross, Limerick

"What we’re trying to do all the time is put the power back with the kids themselves, and upskill them all the time,” says Maeve Corish, principal of(...)

A different approach to funding and lending to social enterprises is at hand, as many thousands worldwide operate in a commercially viable and sustainable way

Of the many challenges facing social enterprises, finance is possibly the biggest. This is not surprising. They don’t, after all, usually run on norma(...)

Greencore chief executive Patrick Coveny: “Ashoka combines the passion, energy, and enthusiasm of the social entrepreneurs with better business practice and provides resources to help them to succeed.” Photograph: Neil Macdougald

Founded by former McKinsey director Bill Drayton in 1980, Ashoka supports social entrepreneurs around the world in creating sustainable solutions to s(...)

Sr Cyril Mooney: “You can bring in laws, but people will give lip service. You have to change people’s hearts.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Ireland has this year followed India’s recent example of introducing legislation aimed at making schools more inclusive. It’s one thing to chan(...)