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Moby founder Thomas O’Connell.

Electric bike start-up Moby has raised almost €800,000 in 30 days as the company turned to crowd funding platform Spark Crowdfunding to fund its expan(...)

Provizio founder and chief executive Barry Lunn: ‘We are using unparalleled ‘beyond line-of-sight’ sensor technology coupled with AI to perceive, predict and prevent accidents’

An Irish start-up seeking to make accident prevention technology as ubiquitous as seat belts in vehicles has raised $6.2 million (€5.2 million) in a f(...)

Moby founder and chief executive Thomas O’Connell. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Moby, the State’s first electric bike-sharing scheme, is seeking to raise €300,000 in a crowdfunding campaign. The investment will be used to fund th(...)

Children and parked cars are colour-coded on a monitor inside a Mercedes S-Class car. Photograph: Michaela Handrek-Rehle/Bloomberg

It’s no wonder that every tech firm and carmaker with a research-and-development budget to spare is getting on the autonomous, self-driving car bandwa(...)

Movidius cofounders Seán Mitchell and David Moloney: company lists Google, Lenovo and drone-maker DJI among its blue-chip clients

Dublin-based chipmaker Movidius, which was acquired by Intel in a deal valued at close to $400 million (€355 million) last month, made a $19.5 million(...)

Chief operating officer Sean Mitchell, chief executive Remi El-Ouzanne, chief finance officer John Bourke and chief technology officer David Moloney of Movidius

For anyone not familiar with Movidius, the news that it has been acquired by chipmaker Intel might make it seem as though it is yet another tech start(...)

Sean Mitchell and David Moloney  co-founded   Movidius which has been acquired by  Intel

David Moloney, co-founder, senior vice president and chief technology officer Moloney has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 20 years(...)

Semiconductor visionaries: Seán Mitchell, David Moloney and John Bourke – co-founders of Movidius which develops vision-sensing technology. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Back in 2011, Irish start-up Movidius was trying to tap into the 3D market with a silicon chip that could be integrated into phones to work with soft(...)

DJI drone: Movidius processor facilitates a number of new features

Irish company Movidius has done a deal with drone maker DJI that brings the company’s vision-sensing technology to the latest Phantom drone. The Dubl(...)

Sean Mitchell, David Moloney and John Bourke of Movidius. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

When it comes to the internet of things, less is more. At least it is according to Irish chip maker Movidius. “We’re very much of the feeling that it(...)

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