Michael Jackson fans protest outside the headquarters of Channel 4 in  London, ahead of the airing of the documentary Leaving Neverland  earlier this week. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

It’s sometimes easier to imagine all the dissenting voices you find online are trolls; a conspiratorial army of dead-eyed, bleeping robo-bores dispatc(...)

Janet Moran in 'A Holy Show'

It’s here, starting tonight, in venues (and on the streets and on a bus and wherever you’re having yourself) across Dublin. The enormous, varied, chal(...)

LiarTown, a near-infinite catalogue of products that seem triumphantly absurd, and gnawingly, tantalisingly real

We’ve hardly started speaking before I remind Sean Tejaratchi of something he made called Oh, F**k These Lighthouses, a calendar which displayed a bea(...)

The results of the Irish project could be used to improve the diagnosis of genetic diseases, particularly illnesses that are prevalent among  people with Irish ancestry, including multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis and coeliac disease.

A new “Irish DNA atlas” has mapped the genes of the people of Ireland in detail, finding genetic evidence of Viking settlement in Ireland for the firs(...)

“A lot has happened in the past week” tweeted Adam Ellis on November 29th, with the studied understatement most Twitter users deploy if they’ve spent (...)

Father’s Day: Ollie Clerkin in 1975. The pipe wasn’t an affectation, but the rest of it – the GAA kneel, the flexed arm, the ever-so-slight hint of a smirk – is surely a put-on

Malachy Clerkin on his father, Oliver I had never seen this photograph before Mam dug it out for me, last week, and now I can’t stop looking at it. H(...)

Rusangano Family:  a sound and a scene that has energised spaces up and down the land. Photograph: Eric Luke

RUSANGANO FAMILY It is indeed a long, long way from Clare to here. Some of the most exciting music going under the umbrella with its 40 shades of gre(...)

Seamas O’Reilly: Each time someone moved over from Ireland I’d refer them to the recruiting firm through which I’d found work

When Mary Coughlan, the tánaiste, was asked back in February 2010 about rising emigration and its effect on Ireland, she said she thought th(...)