Wetlands: Carla Juri as Helen Memel and Marlen Kruse as Corinna in the film adaption of Charlotte Roche’s novel. Photograph courtesy of Sundance Institute

From sex history and modern erotica to self-help books and the art of penis origami, sex is a topic that spans every generation and culture in the wor(...)

Mikel Murfi and Amanda Coogan in Dolores

Dolores ★★★★ Dolores Haze was raped and brutalised in Nabokov’s novel Lolita. In Junk Ensemble’s Dolores, she is dancing back at that oppression, high(...)

Exhibit B recalls dehumanising and triumphalist displays of colonialism

**** Who is watching whom in Exhibit B, the intensely provocative performance installation from South Africa’s Third World Bunfight? Audience m(...)