Sally Bowles

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Griessmuehle in Berlin. Nightclubs play a huge role in the city’s culture and economy. But real estate investors and infrastructure projects have put many venues at risk. Photograph: Gordon Welters/The New York Times

It’s 5am in Berlin’s KitKat club, and the half-naked crowd is dancing furiously to a deep bass track as a woman performs energetic oral sex on a very (...)

Louise Brooks in “Pandora’s Box”: director GW Pabst wanted her for the role.

Watching the newly restored version of Pandora’s Box, one can’t help but suspect that Louise Brooks, who died in 1985, is some contemporary YouTube st(...)

Last year’s Rewind the Film was supposed to be a double album but realising that they had two entirely different sets of songs, Manic Street Preach(...)