“It’s one of these things that if people say it often enough it starts to sound like something that could work,” said Sadhbh McCarthy, who set up and led the Centre for Irish and European Security

Calls for an ‘invisible’ or ‘frictionless’ digital Border between the Republic and Northern Ireland that could be policed through technology are “comp(...)

Members of the Garda Emergency response Unit on a simulted hostage rescue exercise. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

The Government has been urged to be more open with the public about what could happen in the event of a major terrorist attack in Ireland. Security (...)

Lawyers, privacy activists, academics and other experts meet to discuss issues around digital privacy at the inaugural Digital Rights Europe conference in Dublin on Wednesday. Photograph: Thinkstock

Social media is increasingly being used by police authorities and citizens are essentially being used as tools to enable their own surveillance, a con(...)

Sadhbh McCarthy, director of the Centre for Irish and European Security, said the Garda Inspectorate report highlights the “vast gap” in the technological capacity of An Garda Síochána compared with their European counterparts

There should be no rush to adopt “failed policing technologies” in the wake of the recent Garda Inspectorate report, an Irish researcher on security (...)

Outgoing Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes in an interview with Centre for Irish and European Security director Sadhbh McCarthy at the Hibernian Club in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Do you know your data privacy rights? Whether the answer is “yes”, “not a clue” or “have never thought about it for more than two seconds”, retirin(...)