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British cupboard maker Plain English has a great history in playing with colour but its new collaboration with London-based writer and decorator Rita Konig, Colour Collection No 3 brings depth to its colour palette.

Colour can bring personality and depth to a room, especially in a kitchen were too many built-in units can make the space look like a thousand others.(...)

Philip Dennhardt, a master butcher, and Kristin Jensen, an editor and food writer, have written what might just be the only book you’ll ever need abou(...)

Olive Oil from Ristorante Rinuccini

Kilkenny restaurant branches out Ristorante Rinuccini in Kilkenny celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion the Cavali(...)

 Zen sliding doors by Rimadesio, recently debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair, have a  semi-opaque sheet of gold sandwiched between two sheets of glass

The new gold standard Add lustre to open-plan living with these gorgeous new Zen sliding doors by Rimadesio, recently debuted at the Milan Furn(...)

Poker Queen

Thirty-year-old Rathfarnham native Rebecca McAdam has been playing poker for half her life. As well as helping her through college, it has given her s(...)

 Illustrator Pierce Healy’s design for the first in a series of  Clement & Pekoe’s ‘neighbourhood artist cup project’

CUPS OF STYLE FROM CLEMENT & PEKOE Now that our morning coffee is such a talking point – and if yours is anything less than a single esta(...)

A party in a field full of buttercups where everyone brought a chair

‘In countries like ours where rain is an integral part of the summer, getting outside is about capturing the moment when you can, the minute the cloud(...)