Ryan Tedder

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The liner notes are immediately striking. You’ve gone your entire life seeing the name “McCartney” incontrovertibly entwined with “Lennon”, so seeing (...)

‘It’s mad being a new mum’: Jessie Ware performing at the Lido, Berlin, in September. Photograph: Frank Hoensch/Redferns

There are very few artists that can sing about love the way that Jessie Ware does and since she’s become a mother, this love has only grown and it’s a(...)

Mocking whipping boys is grist to the mill for many people, and not just for those critics who take aim with an arsenal of cynical condemnation, let l(...)

It’s a decade since Cassius duo Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass last got around to releasing an album. A lot has changed in the intervening period, not le(...)

Is 25 the most anticipated pop album of its generation? There is certainly no doubt that Adele’s grip on the music-buying public remains as resolut(...)

The Script: Mark Sheehan, Danny O’Donoghue and Glen Power
Sticking with their Script

It is March 2008, and The Script are huddled in a suite at the Herbert Park Hotel in Dublin. They are excited, giddy, unexpectedly chatty. “The last (...)

You started playing piano at the age of seven – was music always what you wanted to do professionally? (...)