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In more recent times, the rock retrospective industry has tended to hone in on Radiohead’s OK Computer or Kid A at the expense of The Bends. The once-(...)

Cork’s Boa Morte formed a hint over 20 years ago, released a debut EP, 1998’s Passenger, Measure your Time, and then signed to US label Moodfood Recor(...)

Steve Lacy, who contributes to new Vampire Weekend album  Father of the Bride, and Ezra Koenig

Six years is ample time for a band to call quits, complete a farewell tour, try their solo ventures, realise they’re not John Lennon and announce a co(...)

Bret Easton Ellis: “This shouldn’t be under #MeToo.” Photograph: Ryan Pfluger/The New York Times

US author Bret Easton Ellis has said he is “haunted” by the way musician Ryan Adams was portrayed in a recent article accusing him of sexual misconduc(...)

American singer-songwriter Josh Ritter was able to jettison his fitful sequence of temporary day jobs because he sold so many copies of his first two (...)

Nick Cave: ‘Art must be wrestled from the hands of the pious.’ Photograph: Gus Stewart/Redferns/Getty

He is seen as one of rock’n’roll’s last defenders: showman, icon, innovator. But the musician Nick Cave has cast aspersions on the beleaguered genre’s(...)

Foals: their new album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1 is out on March 8th

It’s too frosty for Yannis Philippakis to de-coat, even in 123 Studios where Foals recorded their new album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost. Outsid(...)

Following the “discovery” of information that had been available for nearly 50 years publications ran stories on the late actor’s illiberal attitudes. Photo/Warner Bros

Here is an unpopular opinion that may shock a few people: I never liked Wayne Bongdoodle’s films. Long before the Vice Squad flung him damply into the(...)

‘I am not surprised by the allegations against Ryan Adams.’ File photograph: Elizabeth Weinberg/The New York Times

My approach to writing about music is to do it up close. This approach is not for everyone. Many critics – and there is no right or wrong to this – fl(...)

Disputing the allegations: Ryan Adams. Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Ryan Adams’s new album has been shelved, and whether his sold-out Irish shows will go ahead next month is unclear, after this week’s allegations that (...)

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