Volunteer Greg Kelly loads food parcels for delivery within the community back in April. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Eighteen months ago, in the midst of global anguish over Brexit and Donald Trump, the writer and actor Stephen Fry declared: “The last, best hope for (...)

 Rutger Bregman: ‘Most people, deep down, are pretty decent’. Photograph: Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty

Dutch historian Rutger Bregman has a reputation for switching into attack mode during interviews. Okay, just two interviews but still enough to make T(...)

Anti-child propaganda: the film adaptation of William Golding's Lord of the Flies

The idea that children are savages and would murder one another without the civilising hand of their elders is a convenient story we have told each ot(...)

Lord of the Flies: the real-life story is a corrective to the feral vision of William Golding’s bestselling novel and its film

A real-life Lord of the Flies-style shipwreck has sparked a scramble for screen-adaptation rights among film and TV producers. The writer of an artic(...)

I have certainly been to gabfests where I have been bored to a semi-coma by a parade of dull speakers. Photograph: Getty

From time to time, the business world comes up with an idea so baffling it is hard to believe anyone takes it seriously. I came across one last week (...)

Rutger Bregman argues for a 15-hour working week, a world without borders and a basic salary for every citizen. Photograph: Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images

First, Rutger Bregman came for the globalists. In late January at Davos, the Swiss resort where the world’s political and financial elites gather eac(...)