Ireland is one of 33 countries worldwide that has a reciprocal agreement with Canada to allow young people to live and work there. Photograph: iStock

Thinking of a change of scene in 2019? Canada has 10,700 work permits available for young Irish people under the International Experience Canada progr(...)

A Canadian flag on the ferry to Bowen Island near Vancouver, Canada. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Some Irish students spending the summer in Vancouver, Canada, have been accused of urinating on dancefloors and absconding from restaurants and rental(...)

Cork native Brian Sheehy in Toronto where he has lived for three years. He plans to apply for citizenship as soon as he’s eligible

This week, Irish Times Abroad reached out to readers in Canada who have become Canadian citizens, asking them to share their stories. Keep scrolling t(...)

A bricklayer in London can earn about £60,000  a year, according to reports last year.  Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

This article forms part of a new series for Irish Times Abroad on the opportunities worldwide (and in Ireland) for Irish construction workers. If(...)

‘Having worked in two or more countries is definitely an advantage in terms of selling your ability to adapt to the Canadian way.’ Photograph: iStock

Ireland’s crop of recent emigrants are enjoying a well-earned reputation for hard work in Canada; so much so, that companies are now specifically head(...)

Downward curve: Western Australia is seeing a slowdown in mining. Photograph: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

The number of Irish people returning to live in their native country last year was a lot lower than many anticipated. Just 12,100 Irish moved back (...)

Ruairi Spillane: “Success for me is to be able to go home to Kerry for a month and not have to worry.”

Helping other Irish emigrants make a new home in Canada has been a passion for Ruairi Spillane since he moved to Vancouver in 2008. What(...)