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Supporters of Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro with a giant inflatable doll known as “Pixuleco”, representing former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, with a mask of presidential candidate Fernando Haddad, in Sao Paulo. Photograph: Getty Images

Brazil’s already bitter presidential election is slipping into legal acrimony that threatens to undermine the legitimacy of the eventual winner. The (...)

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva waves at supporters from the balcony of his apartment in Sao Bernardo do Campo at the weekend – he has been named as Dilma Rousseff’s chief of staff. Photograph: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva accepted a ministerial appointment Wednesday in the government of his protegee and successor Dilm(...)

A supporter of Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro holds a poster with a picture of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez  during the last campaign rally with pro-government candidates for Sunday’s upcoming parliamentary elections, in Caracas on Thursday. Photograph: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

With the political sands shifting in South America, the Bolivarian revolution of the late Hugo Chávez faces a major dilemma heading into crucial mid-t(...)

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff’s efforts to set a positive agenda have been stymied by the ongoing investigation into corruption. Photograph: Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters

Brazilians furious at corruption and demanding the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff will hold another round of protests tomorrow as Rousseff(...)